Cake from a Box… but done especially for my special family!

The mix

White Chocolate Cake from a Yellow Cake Mix

I almost never use a mix for baking. This time though, for $3 for a gluten-free (so my mom could enjoy it) mix, I figured it was worth it. And I “kicked-it-up” a bit by adding melted white chocolate! This added some delicious richness to what would have otherwise been just a white cake! I highly recommend this if you are looking for a quick baking experience with a little extra! Basically I just followed the recipe but stirred in 6 oz of melted white chocolate at the end. I also chopped up maybe 2 oz more to just be stirred in. It worked out great!

Now the real reason for this cake was actually for my darling niece’s 5th birthday. As is true for most 5 year olds girls, it had to be pink and purple and pretty! So here it is!






One Comment on “Cake from a Box… but done especially for my special family!”

  1. Susan Cullum says:

    This was sooooo good – it has been a long time for me to enjoy a cake – and this gluten free one was great!!! Thanks sooo much Becky!!!

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